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Modern markets need absolute automation, it is not enough to describe their operation as “electronic”, that was yesterday.

The need tomorrow is for,

  • integrated workflow,
  • totally automatic administration procedures,
  • embedded rule book compliance,
  • running audits,
  • accessible customer information,
  • instant settlement.

Everything possible to minimize the need for human intervention, with its associated high salary cost.

In addition the third party interaction must be managed by the owner of the data, whether it is the broker, share registrar, company administrator or applicant for trading privileges.

They must have intuitive and controlled access that ensures accurate, rapid and low cost information flow, including changes to the rights of participants.

Much is made of liquidity in exchanges, yet many instruments will always be illiquid, especially where there is an extension of exchange techniques and capital markets to new areas and countries. Thus cost is the major operating factor, and reliance on “transaction revenue” has to be minimal. Our techniques maximize opportunities to trade, whilst being priced at a level that can be sustained by listing fees alone, which are also modest to suit emerging territories or markets.

MXEX is the proven “next generation” market product that is very affordable, low cost to run, scalable and available to more market opportunities than ever before.