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:: BourseInformation ::

BourseInformation,, is a Global, Annual Reporting Service that is connected to the MXEX Platform. This has extensive functionality including specific Keyword searching, Bookmarks for quick and easy access, Watch List functions and Reports displayed using XBRL in seconds.
BourseInformation gives back to users their most precious commodity - time.


:: ShareRegistrar ::

ShareRegistrar,, is an Integrated Share Registration & Transfer Agent (SRT) platform that provides an integrated interface to the MXEX platform.

This System manages Book Building (including Reverse),Dematerialization/ Rematerialisation, Consolidation and Renewal of Shares, and an Interface to the Clearing and Electronic Depository.


:: Broker Back Office Management System (BBMS) ::

BBMS is connected to the MXEX Trading System and provides and complete Back Office module with Trade Reporting, Maintenance of Client Data, Funds Receivable or Dematerialized Share Delivery. It also provides information on Sales/Purchases, Client Information Management, Contract Note issuance and Analysis services.


:: Integrated Accounts ::

The Integrated Accounts module, is seamlessly integrated into the MXEX platform and it manages all its accounting and financial aspects.
Its key features include, compliance checks, Invoicing, Reconciliation, MIS, flexible fees billing mechanism and a robust Audit trail.

:: AESX ::
AESX,, is an Aruban registered company and provides a comprehensive infrastructure that allows Independent Territories or Niche Markets to operate a low cost “Micro” Exchange.
AESX uses the MXEX Platform to power the following Exchanges
:: a) Private Placement Exchange (PPDAQ) ::
PPDAQ,, is a live online Listing Exchange dedicated to the support and trading of Aruba International Business companies (IBC's).
:: b) Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange (DCEXCH) ::
Dcexch,, is part of a family of Exchanges being proposed to operate in the Caribbean Islands. Currently Dcexch is being developed and it is due to be formally launched in 2007.
:: c) The Caribbean Bond Exchange (Caribond) ::
Caribond,, is an Exchange specialising in the Instituional Secondary Market for regionally based holders of Caribbean bonds. Portfolio holders may register their bonds and adjust their investments through strategic sales and purchases and is due to be formally launched in 2007.
:: d) UK Development Exchange (UKDX) ::
UKDX,, is the future location for the United Kingdom Development Exchange providing an environment for emerging companies and organisations due to be launched in 2007.
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