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MXEX has been designed to handle high volumes.. All the critical components have backup components automatic recovery mechanism. All application services have multiple backup services enabling dynamic failover. There is a Automatic Recovery Mechanism to backup critical components with dynamic failover in place. The platform has a central server (clustered) that hosts the application software.  The Database is housed on a server with raid 5 plus OS level clustering. The central server is load balanced and has a proven response time of less than 3 seconds.

MXEX is designed to handle high transaction loads while maintaining a response time below 3.5 seconds. The platform achieves this by using highly tuned application architecture deployed on industry standard hardware designed for OLTP Systems.

The application software has been developed on a Microsoft .Net framework with the engine  using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  The MXEX system can be scaled to use memorized  databases like ANTs ( to process extremely large volumes of transactions without the need for a complete rewrite of the application.  This solution can be deployed on IBM /HP’s current generation either high or low end servers. The low end server range would be very attractive to many markets /communities around the world using low bandwidth and cheap PCs to reduce TCO.

MXEX  is modular and can be easily calibrated to ensure that higher transaction loads can be handled by minimum upgrades to the software.

The system conforms to Standard Benchmarks for performance and reliability with a 99% uptime. (Normally the other 1% is available for planned maintenance and other work that must be done when the system is completely offline and would be very short periods).  The hardware deployed is fault tolerant with failover and redundancy built in at all levels. The application software is self monitoring and has the capability to recover from component failures totally invisible to the end user.

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