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"MXEX Powered Micro Exchanges are Self Regulated Markets (SRO) , accessible to members only. As a condition of registration, all members will have to abide by the body of rules, set out by the regulatory committee of the exchange, to regulate its members and their associate intermediaries."

The rules are designed to prevent any fraudulent acts and practices, and to promote a fair, orderly and efficient functioning of the relevant markets, thereby providing a degree of protection of investors, in such markets.

Regulatory oversight on day to day basis, does entail a cost and MXEX strives to provide a low cost exchange, with strict regulatory compliance.

This is achieved by the MXEX Rule book being embedded in the Electronic workflow of various micro-exchanges, applicable to all its active markets, and covers all aspects of regulatory compliance as follows:

  • Membership.
  • Listing requirements.
  • Ongoing Obligation for issuers.
  • Trading Rules.
  • Procedures and measures in case of violation of Rules.
To explore all MXEX rules online, please follow the link. (MXEX Rules)
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