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MXEX powers electronic exchanges to implement a scalable n-tier architecture with redundancies built in at various levels. The systems conform to universally acknowledged open systems standards to facilitate international access to all markets. Our Electronic Rules based workflow operation  is designed to adopt and apply procedures that  enforce a fair market and that maximizes available liquidity as well as  reducing Trading and Settlement costs.

The Exchange System is self supporting and cost effective irrespective of transaction volumes and this is delivered via a comprehensive screen based information together with the option of automatic limit management driving  towards T+0 settlement.


Some of the System features  are as follows:
:: Screen Based Trading ::
The System supports Automated (Order –Driven) and Manual trading.  Automation is achieved by a  Rules Based Order Matching Engine and Manual Trading is managed by our Offline Trade Entry System.

The system supports multiple instrument types including Stocks, Mutual Funds, Warrants, Rights, Bonds, Debentures, Treasury Bills (T-Bills) and other Debt Instruments.

Availability  of Market Data is managed by the Data Distribution  Service using XML based Industry Standards. Data distribution is available  through subscriptions to Exchange Members including Data Vendors, News Services, and other interested parties.


:: Electronic Interface ::
The system provides a direct electronic interface to all participants. Brokers /Dealers are provided with on-line, real time access via the WAN/LAN interface.

Automated Electronic Surveillance: is provided through constant Monitoring using Rules Based workflow. It provides exception reporting to management on any suspicious activity with the ability to reconstruct the Market at any point in time for audit purposes.

:: Member Services ::
The system provides support services to all Exchange Members.  At the Member’s Workstation it captures price quotations (bids and offers) and other market data.  Trading  Members will execute their trades via the system from their offices using client software if operating locally, or over the web interface if operating remotely.

:: Management Information System ::
The system provides comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) producing the following Reports.

  • Settlement Statement l(Interim, Final etc.)
  • Net Cash Settlement
  • Buy Ins Report
  • Broker Summary Report(s)
  • Stock Summary Report(s)
  • Debt Instrument Summary Report(s)
  • Monthly Turnover by Security.
  • Market Capitalization
  • Index Membership Report
  • Block Trade Report
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