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:: PPDAQ :: is a Micro Exchange forming part of the Alternative Electronic Stock Exchange,, that provides the Back Office support and infrastructure. PPDAQ is a self regulated organization (“SRO”) using the AESX Rule Book for Regulatory guidance and control. A distinctive and unique aspect of the PPDAQ Exchange is that, access to trading activities is explicitly not open to the general public but only to qualified professional entities or individuals as defined within its self regulatory environment. In addition this self regulatory electronic environment is also designed to expose illicit trading activities by Members on the Exchange.
:: Comdaq Metals ::, is an online Physical Commodity Exchange that has now moved into a traditional brokerage role within the Precious and Platinum metals industries. The metals they cover include Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Iridium and Ruthenium. In addition they trade physical Platinum and Metals in what is termed Unallocated Platinum and Palladium on a Swap and Forward basis.
:: EOEX ::
The Essential Oils Exchange,, is a site where Growers and Traders can come together and List, Negotiate and Trade. The Exchange is owned by the Industry for the benefit of participants and built using the MXEX Trading Platform.
:: Exname ::
Exname,, is an Online Real Time Domain Name Trading site operating the secondary market. Buyers and Sellers are able to negotiate online with Trades automatically being sent to Escrow for Settlement to protect both parties.

:: Coffee-Tea-India :: is a business portal for buying and selling coffees in India and plays a major role in revolutionizing the way this commodity is traded by allowing more transparent access.

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